KajuKenBo Course - Green Belt


KaJuKenBo green belt program, created by Luis and Joe Diaz, 8th DAN of Kajukenbo

This Kajukenbo course is given in English

Kajukenbo is a hybrid martial art developed in Hawaii in the 1940s. Its name is a contraction of the various martial arts of which it is composed:

KA for karate, originally from Japan,
JU for judo and jiu-jitsu, of Japanese origin,
KEN for kenpo, a Chinese martial art, and
BO for boxing, originally from the West.

Kajukenbo was created by several martial arts masters of different ethnic origins, including Emperado, Ordonez, Chang, and Holck. They designed the art to be effective in real-life combat situations, relying on a pragmatic approach and integrating defense techniques against various types of attack, including armed attacks.

Kajukenbo combines striking, grappling, grabbing and dodging techniques, with a particular emphasis on physical and mental training. It is often considered a realistic and complete system of self-defense. 

Kajukenbo has since evolved and diversified with different branches and schools around the world, but its main objective often remains the ability to defend oneself in real-life confrontational situations.

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